IDEAS: Plans for 2013

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Workshop on Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) – April 2013
- in collaboration with ISTIC-UNESCO - experts and practitioners in IBSE from France, Japan, Sudan, USA - aiming to train trainers-of-teachers in methods of IBSE

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Round Table on Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) - April 15-16, 2013
- high level forum for policy makers to encourage regional adoption of IBSE

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Post-graduate Diploma on Technopreneurship – August – October 2013
- a longer version of the workshop held late 2012
- making use of local experts and those from USAINS, Malaysia
- open to graduates of Future U and other universities
- programme timeline like:

January to May 2013
- develop curriculum in collaboration with USAINS
- find relevant local experts, offices (eg patent lawyers, National IP register) and documentation
- market the programme to final year students at Future U and elsewhere
- seek funding / set fees
August 2013
- students undertake intensive course in technical English including preparing a business
/ research proposal and presentation
- proposals judged by a panel of experts who select those allowed to continue to Diploma

September 2013
- 6 week Diploma course covering all aspects of Technopreneurship in some depth
- includes input from relevant government offices, field trips, mentorship by successful local business-people
October 2013
- selection of projects to be incubated by IDEAS in 2014

Workshop on Technopreneurship for South Countries - November 2013
- in collaboration with ISTIC-UNESCO
- repeat of the workshop hosted late 2012
- run by experts from USAINS Holdings, Malaysia
- aimed at technopreneurs and policy makers across Africa

Details of 2012 Workshop

Incubator development - ongoing
- initially aimed at Future U research / final year project spin-offs but aiming to provide services for Khartoum, Sudan and the region as it develops