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The Future University is developing a centre which enables Sudanese entrepreneurs to take their innovative ideas from prototypes, through rigorous research and development (R+D) to high quality, marketable products or services that will benefit Sudan.

IDEAS will also support ongoing research at the Future University by providing advice on research methods, proposal and paper writing and the like. In other words, IDEAS staff will act as mentors from the initial proposal process through the R+D phase, encouraging the development of researchers and entrepreneurs by modelling best practice, organising appropriate training and stimulating open collaboration amongst IDEAS colleagues and more widely.

IDEAS will itself exemplify environmentally sound, sustainable application of new ideas in all its activities including its methods of collaboration and ongoing professional development programme. IDEAS will also play a role in canvassing industry and other parties for problems our students might be able to solve in innovative ways.

In November 2012 IDEAS was heavily involved in the successful Workshop on Technopreneurship along with the Ministry of Science and Communications and the International Science, Technology and Innovations Centre (ISTIC). Have a look at the links to the left to find out more.